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How long should you wear a waist trainer?


If you wonder how long should you wear a waist trainer, you are in the right place. We will cover the amount of time you needed to wear a waist trainer a day, the benefits of wearing it, and how long it takes to see the results.

In addition, we will cover the different types of waist trainers to give you full insights about the type you need to wear.

Different waist trainers, different options

Everyday waist trainers, workout waist trainers, and steel-boned corsets are the three popular waist trainers:

Everyday waist trainers are made to be hidden under clothes- you can wear them either at home or outside. You can also wear them whether you want to practice waist training or just to slim your shape. Indeed, they are constructed with a latex that provides compression and use hook-and-eye closure at the front of the garment.

How long should you wear a waist trainer?

Workout waist trainers are the same as everyday waist trainers. They provide compression with latex, and as their name indicate- they are designed for working out.  They differ from other waist trainers for being shorter and more durable. Also, they withstand intense movements during exercises and not be damaged easily.

Steel-boned corsets are the traditional form of waist trainers. Though they are not suitable for workouts because they provide compression through tight lacing and steel boning in the bodice, they are effective for everyday training. Also, they are fastened in the back.

How long should you wear a waist trainer a day?

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If you wear a waist trainer, your ultimate goal is to get an hourglass figure. The question here is how long should you wear a waist trainer a day? This question is very important so as not to harm yourself and get better results.

There is no precise amount of time about how long you should wear a waist trainer a day. However, experts and scientists recommend wearing it at least four hours a day. This gives a good combination of results and comfort.


If you are a beginner in waist training, we recommend that, on the first day, to wear it only for two hours. On the second day for three hours. On the third day for four hours and so on. You add one hour every day till you get used to it so you might be able to wear it for eight hours or more a day. However, we don't recommend wearing it for more than 8 hours.

To avoid physical problems (e.g. breathing problems or internal damage like forcing liver or kidneys out of their natural places), you have to take the amount of time you wear waist trainer into consideration.

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For example, if you are doing workout with your a waist trainer, we recommend not wearing it for more than four hours, but if you want to do a daily regimen, then there is no problem wearing a corset or a waist trainer for eleven to twelve hours a day.

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How long should you wear a waist trainer to see results?


The answer to this question is that it depends on whether you keep using your waist trainer on a regular basis or not. If you are doing waist training following a plan and not randomly, you will definitely get results, but if you are not, you will achieve nothing and might even hurt yourself.

If you want long-term or permanent results, you have to follow a nourishing diet, a sophisticated exercise routine and sufficient rest. However, if you want instant results, you wear your waist trainer only when you go out of your home or whenever you feel like it and take it off when you do not. Eventually, you will feel like you are wasting your time and will give up.

In addition to using a waist trainer, commitment and lifestyle are the other main factors on whether you will reach your goal or not. If you making a plan and stick to it, after two months or three you will start noticing the change. Your body becomes slowly shaped to an hourglass figure.

What are the benefits of using a waist trainer?

There are four main benefits or pros of waist training. They are the hourglass figure, weight control, a better posture, and a good bust.

Coveted hourglass figure: Since you have mainly used the waist trainer so as to have this figure, you will get it if you are patient and determined to follow all the above-mentioned.

Weight control: after you wear a waist trainer, your appetite will decrease. You will realize that it is difficult to consume a large portion of food. Remember, waist trainers only help in decreasing the amount of food you consume. Consequently, they do not help you lost fat. That's why we recommended following a nutritious diet along with it to reach your goal.


Better posture- waist trainers help you maintain a good posture when standing and sitting. Wearing them, it becomes impossible for you to slump. Therefore, many women feel confident when they see the changes in their waistline after using waist trainers.

Bustline support, they make your bust more noticeable and prominent. They also support it, and help you reduce back pain and pressure if you have big breasts.


How long you should wear a waist trainer? The answer to this question depends completely on your seriousness and determination. To get a better figure (hourglass figure), you need to wear it 8 hours a day. In addition, we recommend following a plan. Workout and diet are good to help you get fast results.

Nonetheless, using a waist trainer for more than 8 hours is not advised since you will harm yourself. Therefore, we highly recommend giving some time to your body to breathe.

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