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What Does a Muscle Stimulator Do?

What Does a Muscle Stimulator Do?

what does a muscle stimulator do? In fact, it works based on the principle of electrostimulation which consists of stimulating the nerve fibers surrounding the muscles.

The muscle stimulator sends electrical impulses applied to the surface of the skin by the means of electrodes. This stimulation causes the muscles to contract just as the brain would do through the nerves during voluntary contraction.

The excitation is produced by means of short electrical pulses and controlled in such a way as to guarantee optimum efficiency, safety and comfort of use.

Nonetheless, electrostimulation is recognized as an interesting and significant complementary method for high-level athletes.

Thanks to enormous advances in technology and research over the past 10 years, it exhibits a high level of reliability and lasting effects. In addition, the devices currently on the market are just as efficient as those used by professionals.

Who is concerned with muscle stimulator?


Today many people use electrostimulation in sports and physiotherapy. It improves the muscles but has no effect on the heart and blood circulation. It shouldn't therefore replace physical exercise, but it is an excellent complement. In addition, it does not harm the joints since it doesn't strain them.

Performance improvement

A muscle stimulator is beneficial in disciplines such as athletics, cross-country skiing, swimming, triathlon, team sports. It helps to improve sports performance by strengthening the muscle, developing its quality, strength, and endurance.

The strength gained can be relatively significant (up to 50% observed) depending on the muscle group chosen without, however, presenting results superior to traditional methods.

Its action is also effective on muscle mass (gains observed from 4 to 8% on certain subjects) for muscles such as the quadriceps and the biceps. It remains insignificant on certain muscles such as the triceps.

Its effect is very rapid. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to feel the benefits.

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A muscle stimulator helps maintain muscle tone. It contributes in improving aesthetics without, however, losing weight. Indeed, it doesn't burn fat locally (buttocks or stomach for example) but by locally strengthening the muscles, it firms, tones, and allows body remodeling. It also helps fight against cellulite through drainage and massage.

Training and warm-up

What does a muscle stimulator do? it can be an effective alternative to training in the gym and for warming up the muscle before exercise.


Used after exercise, muscle stimulator helps to recover. It eliminates lactic acid. It decreases muscle stiffness and relaxes muscles.


Electrostimulation can be used in bodybuilding to strengthen or develop the muscles. It is particularly effective on the abdominals. However, that requires good muscle stimulator with powerful impulses. Too little power use will give poor results.

Physiotherapy and fitness

Electrotherapy is used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation, treatment of pain (analgesic effect), fitness, and muscle strengthening (back, etc.) following prolonged immobilization or hospitalization.

Among the many uses of electrostimulation, let us quote the main ones through 3 fields of application:


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3 fields where muscle stimulation is applied

What does a muscle stimulator do in:


Sports field:

  • Help to improve sports performance.
  • Alternative training, replacing indoor work (practiced by skiers).
  • Rapid improvement in muscle characteristics (elasticity, tone, strength).
  • Muscle development in strength and endurance.
  • Recovery after exercise (elimination of lactic acid) and weight training.
  • Warming up.

Area of ​​aesthetics:

  • Body sculpture (abdominals, etc.).
  • Fitness and firming of certain muscles: stomach, thighs, buttocks.
  • Toning, body remodeling.

Field of rehabilitation and re-education (physiotherapy):

  • Recovery after an accident or trauma.
  • Treatment of muscle and joint pain.
  • Development of musculature (back, etc.)
  • Muscle strengthening and recovery after prolonged immobilization.
  • Pain relief (analgesia function).
  • Recovery of muscle tone, rehabilitation (on medical advice).

Indeed, since we answered What does a muscle stimulator do? Let us now talk about some shortcomings and limitations.


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What muscle stimulator doesn't do?

Sébastien Assohou warns: "This device does not replace physical effort but complement it. In order to benefit from its advantages, it is preferable to perform movements simultaneously with the contraction. "

Muscle stimulator  is not recommended for:

  • Growing children and adolescents;
  • People with cancer;
  • Pregnant women ;
  • People with epilepsy;
  • People with heart problems (avoid the sensitive area).
  • If in doubt about your general health, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Finally, last recommendations before your first session: "you must apply the electrodes to muscle areas with voluntary contraction. Avoid placing them on the heart or private parts. Be attentive and gradually increase the intensity so as not to injure yourself."


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