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What are the Electrical Muscle Stimulation Benefits?


What are the electrical muscle stimulation benefits?

Whether you play sport intensively or not, electrical muscle stimulation has always a lot of benefits. The muscle stimulation technique opens the doors to many benefits, whatever your needs. It is a method of passive sports that you can adapt perfectly to your body and your expectations.

Initially, it is our own body that sends impulses, or messages to our muscles. Electrical stimulation has the same role except that it sends electrical impulses directly to the skin through electrodes. This causes contractions in the muscles and consequently increases the performance over time.

This is a gentle, natural technique that is not harmful to your body if used correctly. For many years, physiotherapy practices have used electrostimulation as a real therapy. Nowadays, it becomes a trendy practice since the machines are performant and available at a cheap price.

The benefits of electrical muscle stimulation?

What are the electrical muscle stimulation benefits?

If you wonder what mauscle stimulation can do to your body, in the following, we list some benefits

- Better muscle stimulation and therefore better fiber contraction. The impulses reach the fibers which cannot be reached with voluntary contractions.

- More resistance. Passive exercises are tireless, which is why it is possible to do more training without feeling tired.

- Increase in strength and muscle mass. This is mainly due to the work of the muscles, in addition to that of the joints. It also improves strength and endurance.

- Minimal risk of injury. With electrical muscle stimulation, the risk of injury can be significantly reduced, since no complicated exercise is performed in a dangerous manner.

- Improves vascularization / capillarization. Athletes use this treatment to provide better blood circulation, as well as the lymphatic system.

- increased muscle elasticity.

- Elimination of toxins. As with any other type of exercise, strength training is very helpful in removing toxic substances from the body.

- Muscle relaxation during times of stress, which reduces pain.

All these advantages make it clear that electrical muscle stimulation benefits your body. Therefore, it's not just a question of beauty, but also of health since it is used for therapeutic purposes.

In fact, many people use it widely in physical therapists to treat muscle atrophy caused by a musculoskeletal injury that affects bones, muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

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Who can use electrical muscle stimulation?


Electrical stimulation is for everyone. Both amateur and professional athletes will find benefits in this accessible technique.

The therapeutic virtues of electrostimulation are recognized by the medical profession. People who need to re-educate their muscles can therefore resort to it. These will work smoothly, pain or lesions will gradually disappear.

People who want to relieve muscle pain will also be happy to use electrical muscle stimulation. This technique has a relaxing effect depending on how you use it.

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This natural technique is very effective if used correctly. In addition, it meets different objectives of strengthening as well as relaxation. It is therefore an ideal solution to complement your sports program.

The three key points to remember:

  • As real training support, this technique greatly improves your efficiency without traumatizing your muscles.
  • It shouldn't be your only way to achieve your goals. You must supplement it by physical effort.
  • This technique is widely recognized as a medicinal therapy. It helps your muscles to recover after an injury.

Electrical muscle stimulation side effects

Electrical muscle stimulation benefits your body, like any other training method or system of electrotherapy. However, it has some side effects. Therefore, all users should know them in order to be able to practice safely.

Here we will shed light on some side effects which include:

Generally, from 24 to 72 hours after training, the user may experience muscle fatigue, stiffness or a feeling of tightness in certain muscles.

After an electrical muscle stimulation session, some people with sensitive skin may experience redness where the electrodes were located. Usually this redness is completely mild and goes away after 10 to 20 minutes.

There are isolated cases of particularly emotional people who may experience vagal discomfort. This is psychological in origin and has to do with fear of stimulation, as well as the surprise effect of seeing their muscles contract without their control. This reaction results in a feeling of weakness with a tendency to syncopation (faintness), a decrease in heart rate and a decrease in blood pressure.

In such a situation, just stop the stimulation and lie down on the floor with your legs up. This feeling of weakness usually goes away after 5 to 10 minutes. Vagal discomfort can be related to breathing errors and lack of exercise.

Finally, electrical muscle stimulation benefits are numerous. It is an almost harmless practice that you can adopt every day. Just respect the guidelines given with your material after purshase and don't abuse. Give your muscles and your skin time to get used to the elecrodes. Then, increase gradualy. Remember to associate the practice with training. Using musle stimualtors alone won't give the expected results.


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