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Can you Build Muscle with Electrical Stimulation


Can you build muscle with electrical stimulation? to answer this question we need to know how electrical muscle stimulators work. This will give us an insight about the effect that causes muscle stimulation on the body. Therefore, this article will talk about how they function and how they build muscles.

How does Electrical muscle stimulators work

Electrical stimulation, or electro-microstimulation (EMS), consists of causing muscle contraction from electrical impulses. These pulses are generated by a device and transmitted through electrodes applied directly to the skin, at the target muscle.

The goal of electrostimulation is to reproduce the identical or almost identical process of voluntary muscle contraction. By voluntary muscle contraction, we mean contraction commanded by our brain to our muscles. That is to say, our brain controls our muscles via electrical signals transmitted to nerve fibers. Our muscles contract in response to these electrical signals.

When using an electrostimulation device, the electrical current transmitted to our muscles via the electrodes reproduces the same kind of electrical signal as that transmitted by our brain during a voluntary command. Thus, our muscles contract under the electrical impulse generated by the electrostimulation device.

This analysis leads us to ask the previous question which is: can you build muscle with electrical stimulation?

Indeed, we can say Yes under some reservations. However, before we decide definitely, we need to know how the electrical muscle stimulators build your muscles.

How does EMS grow and build muscle

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a machine that delivers a stimulating pulse to your muscles. This causes muscle contraction similar to that you would give your muscles when lifting weight.

Therefore, it mimics the real workout. EMS builds and grows muscles by causing this contraction. When the muscle is tightened, it does work, eventually causing lactic acid to enter the muscle and begin the building process. It is like the same process that occurs after weight lifting.

Many athletes looking for a competitive edge use electrical stimulation to build muscle faster. Since Electric Muscle Stimulators contracts muscle much longer than an athlete could do on their own, they can build more muscle and improve workouts.

Athletes can become mentally fatigued during training sessions and therefore cannot endure muscle contractions for a long time. Since the EMS contracts the muscle without moving the limb itself, the pressure on the joints is minimized. The muscle is always "worked" and will, therefore, be strengthened.

What results can you expect from electrostimulation?

By repeatedly contracting muscle fibers, electrical stimulation causes micro-lesions that force cells to renew themselves. In the end, we gain muscle strength.

“The muscle will not necessarily be larger but it will be more resistant,” confirms Armand Mettot, sports physiotherapist.

In terms of the legs, for example, you will find it easier to climb stairs or hike on inclined terrain. A study was carried out with 20 amateur footballers at Inserm in Dijon: those who, in addition to their training, followed an electro stimulation program for the quadriceps (thigh) muscles with a Compex Sport type device for 5 weeks (3 x 12 min per week), saw their speed of striking the ball without momentum increase (from a little less than 88 km / h to 92 km / h on average). In another study, runners increased their muscle strength by 52%.

Indeed, to answer the question: can you build muscle with electrical stimulation? the straight answer is yes. However, this practice has some shortcomings.

The limits of this practice

Electrical muscle stimulation mainly uses the muscle fibers on the surface. "To activate a muscle in its entirety, it would take a very high electrical intensity, impossible to withstand for most people," recalls Dr. Antoine Couturier, Insep researcher in muscular neurophysiology. "

As a result, electrostimulation is less effective on the deepest muscles, especially the glutes," notes the physiotherapist. And as soon as you stop, the results wear off quickly, especially if you use it passively on your couch. Because the pros are unanimous: to be effective, electrostimulation must be accompanied with exercise.

Indeed, can you build muscle with electrical stimulation? Yes, but it should be associated with exercise.

Which electrical muscle stimulator to buy?

Do Electric Muscle Stimulators Work?

Electric Muscle Stimulator Benefits

✅ Relieve discomfort and pain
✅ Improves blood flow and circulation
✅ Easy push-button operation with 6 modes
✅ Enhances rehabilitation of muscles
✅ Total satisfaction. 30 days money back guaranteed

Wireless muscle stimulator has a good impact on training and slimming muscles.  Therefore, it tightens and strengthens your muscles so that you can gain a better body figure after consecutive use. Indeed, you will see the result after 2 months.

Also, it sends signals to muscles and promotes muscle movement. All you have to do is to fit the abdominal toner to your body and let it exercise your muscles.

To have a good effect, try to use ab toning belt for 20 minutes per session. Its effect equals to 2000M running, 30 minutes of sit-ups, 30 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of diet.

Wireless muscle stimulator is ultra-thin, convenient to carry on, abdominal exerciser can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes; Exercise while reading or doing household chores, or even during business or leisure trips.

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